To the assault on Iraq

Autor: administrator <secret(at)>, Tma: International, Vydno dne: 20. 03. 2003

The Party of Democratic Socialism (SDS) condemns resolutely the assault on Iraq by the armed forces of the USA and their allies. The administration of USA broke rules of international law and became an aggressor. Their act is a crime against humanity and peace; it is a violation of human rights, which cannot be justified by anything.

SDS considers this step to be a breakpoint, as it proves the worldwide imperial intentions of the USA and their open and impudent neglect of the opinions of the world community and of a sizable part of their own public.

We request the government of the Czech Republic to take a clear distance from the horrible crime of the USA. Otherwise, they will take part of the burden of this crime and of the responsibility for it. The present stance of our government puts the Czech Republic in the position of a war party with all consequences and risks.

SDS asks the members of the Czech Social Democratic Party (SSD) to express clearly their opinions on the forthcoming Party Congress and to obligate the Executive Committee of SSD to an immediate stop of the infamous opportunistic policy and to a clear stance in favor of peace and international law.

SDS is convinced that the European Union has only two ways of development: either it must develop to an obstacle against the American expansion, or it will be turned into the main rear of this expansion. The fight for a democratic, strong and independent European Union must become a major task of the Left.

SDS calls on the Communist party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSM) to terminate immediately their conservative and provincial policy in relation to the European Union and to concentrate actively on the fight for the character of the European Union.

Party Presidium of the SDS, 20. 03. 2003
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