EU Constitutional base has to be decided in a democratic way

Autor: administrator <secret(at)>, Téma: Stanoviska SEL, Vydáno dne: 03. 02. 2007

European Left Executive Board Members Jiří Hudeček, SDS (Czech Republic) and Helmut Scholz, Left Party.PDS (Germany) on the recent visit and political talks of Mrs. Angela Merkel, chancellor of Federal Republic of Germany, in the Czech Republic

The recent visit of German Prime Minister to Prague comes as part of the efforts to revitalize the process of adopting the EU Constitutional Treaty, ignoring the fact that it has been already rejected by the French and Dutch people in the referenda. We, as representatives of the Party of European Left (EL), underline the position of our Party: the fate and internal rules of EU have to be decided in a democratic way, by the people of EU themselves. We resist to all efforts to "smuggle in" the already rejected principles and approaches.

We stress: the European Union needs a constitution, setting the rules of behavior for EU institutions and opening the democratic space in Europe for developing a political frame opposing the neo-liberal approaches in almost all policy-fields of the EU and determining the contents of politics developed in the three pillars of the real existing EU based on the Maastricht and Nice treaties. An other policy for a social, democratic and peaceful Europe needs more: in creation of such a constitution, the people of EU is the ultimate sovereign which cannot be replaced by any inter-governmental plots.

29 January 2007, Prague-Berlin