European left against the economic blockade of Cuba

Autor: administrator <secret(at)>, Téma: International, Vydáno dne: 21. 10. 2007

General Assembly of the UN is going to vote on 30 October on Resolution 61/11 “Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the Government of the United States against Cuba“. EL strongly supports this resolution and asks all European governments to vote in its favour.

The Helms-Burton Act (1996), sharpened the US blockade of Cuba, turning it practically to an economic war. According to the Cuban government data, the estimated losses reached 90 billion dollars during the 47 years since the implementation of first sanctions. As usually, the consequences hit most seriously the ordinary Cuban citizens, children and women in the first place.

The blockade of Cuba is against the political principles on which the EU is being built. The EU should change its behaviour towards Cuba, take away the “Common position“ adopted under the pressure of the USA, and improve the relations with Cuba in the political, economical and cultural fields.

Adopted by the European Left Executive Board in Lisbon, 19-21. 10. 2007, motion proposal by CPBM and SDS.
Czech transtation can be found HERE.