Statement of Alexis Tsipras

Autor: Jiří Hudeček <jihudecek(at)>, Téma: International, Vydáno dne: 18. 06. 2012

on the results of the elections.

My Fellow Greeks, One and a half month ago, we embarked together on a hard and fascinating voyage, to defend the dignity and pride of the Greek people. To put an end to the memoranda of austerity and impoverishment of the people. To blaze a trail of hope, to halt the course of Europe towards its destruction and dissolution. We gave this fight with tenacity and self-denial, against an unprecedented attack of blackmailing, distortion and psychological terrorism. An unholy alliance of the powers of the past, within the country and abroad, did all they could to staunch the longing of our people for social justice and for a life with dignity. We are proud to have shouldered this burden and this responsibility. We are happy for the endurance and the support of such a large part of our people who multiplied our rates within one month and a half. This is a unique feat of a people in the recent history of the entire Europe. Although SYRIZA did not manage to ensure the first place, it has now become the main branch of the popular, progressive and anti-memorandum majority.